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Interview With VSmusic4u Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Musicians Long Island NY 'VSmusic4u - Say

1. Tell us about VSmusic4u and the inspiration behind the company: VSmusic4u is a leading Event Music Provider in the tri-state area. We love to help our couples customize their upcoming weddings according to their taste and preferences. Our repertoire covers all music genres from all Classical Composers to all your favorite current songs and artists. (Classical/Romantic, Pop, Latin, Jazz, R&B, Opera/Broadway/ Disney/ Movies/ Jewish/ Klezmer/ etc . VSmusic4u can provide all kinds of ensembles for wedding ceremony (traditional, catholic, etc.), wedding cocktail hour, hospitality, first dance and reception. The most popular couple choices include: String Duo, String Trio, String Quartet, Piano Ensembles, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet and Harp. Couples choose the right group of musicians that suits their budget, space and taste and we make the best music for their important occasion. 2. Do you have a company motto/philosophy and if so what is it? 'VSmusic4u - Say Yes with the Best LIVE Music' 3. If you met a bride or groom to be and had literally one minute to tell them why they should use your company what would you say? Our music speaks for our service - please check out our website's video and photo libraries which feature ONLY LIVE PERFORMANCES from hundreds of real weddings and events, NO edited sound or studio/mixer recorded tracks. Also the hundreds of five star reviews and testimonies of satisfied clients that entrusted us with the music for their weddings. 4. What sets you apart from other Music for Ceremony and Music for Cocktail Hour vendors? - VSmusic4u artists are professional musicians, graduates of top music colleges, such as the Julliard School, Manhattan School of Music and with many years of experience in weddings and events. - VSmusic4u musicians that you see on our pictures and videos are the EXACT musicians that would be hiring for your event. - VSmusic4u musicians can literally perform any song from any style of music. We DO NOT charge extra for fulfilling song requests or for composing song as other vendors do. 5. How do you help a couple achieve their dream wedding? We know the music makes the atmosphere for the whole wedding. That is why we work very closely with them, listening carefully to their wishes and fulfilling all of their song requests so that their dream wedding can come true.

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