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4 Reasons Why you should consider booking a solo pianist or piano with strings for your Long Island

Does a digital keyboard compare to a grand piano?

Modern keyboards are designed to substitute the sound of a real piano. Our digital pianos have the same range of a grand piano and they have real deep touch with weighted keys fully resembling the wooden keys of its predecessor.

These configurations absolutely allow our wedding pianists to play the same pieces of music that they could play on a real piano. The sound of the digital pianos in general depends on the make and quality of the instrument – just as a cheap or older car would perform worse than a modern and more expensive car.

VSmusic4u musicians use only the best of the best quality instruments and equipment thus insuring the best quality of performance for your wedding or event.. You can check our large video and audio libraries for samples using our digital pianos.

Could I hire a pianist if my venue doesn't provide a piano on site?

Yes, our professional digital pianos are mobile and easily movable from one location to another: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, etc.

Would a digital piano be too loud for my intimate Ceremony?

Not at all. The volume of our pianos and sound system is easily adjustable thus making sure the sound range is perfect for the size of wedding that you are having.

How early should I book a pianist for my wedding?

Our calendar fills up pretty quick, so the general answer would be as soon as possible. Reserve your date today by contacting us and checking our availability.

What styles of music would the pianist play at my Wedding?

Our professional pianists are trained in all styles of music. Remember to talk to your musicians in advance and share with them your musical preferences and special song requests.

Could my friend/relative sing to the accompaniment of the pianist?

VSmusic4u wedding pianists would be more than happy to assist you with that. Again, remember to talk to your musician in advance and share that information with them. The music requested should be at the original key and they should meet for a recommended 15 minute rehearsal on the day before the performance.

Could the pianist play outside on the lawn or at the beach?

Yes, our pianist can easily perform on outdoor weddings and event. Just remember to consider supplying them with a safe source of electricity.

Will the pianist be taking any breaks at my Wedding?

All of our musicians are used to play for extended period of time without taking breaks.

How will the pianist be dressed for my Wedding?

Our musicians usually perform in a formal attire. If you prefer them to play casual please remember to mention this request prior to the day of the performance.

How much space does a digital keyboard take?

In our experience we had never had an issue with the size of our keyboards. They are quite easy to fit both at Wedding Venue/Restaurants and Churches/Small Chapels.

Call or email us for an instant free quote NOW - (917)-420-0811, VSMUSIC4U@GMAIL.COM

We service weddings and all kinds of events throughout the local area of Long Island, including Nassau,Suffolk,NYC, NJ, CT, PA.

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