Summer weddings are really beautiful. If you plan to have your wedding in this part of the year you probably already started to think about a nice, warm summer weather and of course about the music which will make the day memorable.

Summer wedding ceremony and cocktail or other special occasion whether it would be at a garden, vineyard, on the beach or even in a beautiful backyard we can help you to make this happen.

We have some pointers that we would love to share with you before booking the musicians for your outside wedding or an outdoor event:

- First - The Warm Weather - plan for a day when it will be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun shining. The wood of the instruments is very delicate and cannot handle chilly or wet/humid weather.

- Second - Rainy Day: Don't be afraid. The musicians can still play under a roof, such as a tent or pavilion, as long as the music and the instruments don’t get wet. If they have sound system speakers and microphones you can arrange for them a spot inside or on covered terrace.

- Third - Sunny Day: because of the delicate wood or different material (depending on what kind of instruments you choose), the instruments cannot handle direct sunlight, so you should find a gazebo, large tree, tent, etc. in the ceremony/cocktail location for the musicians to play under. Again make sure it is close enough or you should ask the venue where is the closest outlet so they can use their microphones and speakers.

- Fourth -Wet Ground - if the ground is soggy or damp, it may be worth putting down a rug or some boarding if your musicians are seated/need to rest something on the ground.

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