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LIVE music wedding ensembles VS a pre-recorded playlist. How much do LIVE wedding ceremony musicians

Are you wondering weather to hire a DJ instead of paying for Duo, Trio or Quartet to perform LIVE for your guests? The DJ can easily download and play your favorite song while you are walking down the isle. Is that how you were imagining this very important moment? The DJ can play soundtracks and serve as a background to your cocktail hour, but will your guests feel the same pleasure like listening to a LIVE ensemble play soothing music, as they are grabbing finger foods and mingling. Will they remember and talk the magical atmosphere on your wedding day long after it passed? Or will they feel like they are at the local mall or restaurant.

For obvious reasons when we talk romance, and intimate, love musical atmosphere we think of the mellow sound of the violin or cello. Experience first hand a live pop ensemble with piano or a jazz trio with a saxophone and double bass at the cocktail hour with definitely set the mood right for the rest of the wedding night.

Question: Do LIVE musicians really charge that much more than a DJ company. Answer: No, not at all.

Ceremony Musicians NY, Book Musicians for Ceremony Long Island

Professional musicians study anywhere between 10 and 15 year to graduate with their degrees, that is more than what some lawyers or doctor do. They play on very fragile old instruments which need maintenance and they practice everyday to prepare the specific repertoire requested by their clients and audience. Professional musicians have dedicated their lives to music and love to exhibit their art, talent and know how to make Your wedding day a the truly unique and memorable one, just as you have always imagined it.

Call us today, tell us about your event and ask for our special packages :

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