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Wedding Ceremony Music NYC: Easy Steps to Plan Your Ceremony and to Choose The Right Songs for your

Most people would say that their wedding day was one of the happiest days in their lifes. As the big day approaches, the stress starts to build up. Sometimes the choice of music tends to be neglected or forgotten about, but music usually is the first element of the ceremony that the guests notice and music takes part in most, if not all of the memorable moments of the celebration.

The choice of wedding music depends a lot of the type/style of wedding that you are planning to have. Weather you are going for a traditional wedding, a religious celebration( jewish, indian etc.) or a more contemporary one, the music will always set the tone for the entire wedding. Keep in mind any religious settings and customize the wedding music to fit your needs. Consider the location of your wedding. If you are getting married outside, certain types of music or ensembles might be difficult to hear. So it is very important to talk to your wedding musicians and ask which ensemble is the best for your wedding and also for a sound system, and microphones. If you are in a church, cathedral or synagogue, specific sounds might not carry very well, so you have to discuss all details with your ceremony musicians.

Once you have outlined the plan for the ceremony, consider the moments at which you want music being played. Traditionally, the string ensemble or wedding musicians play before the ceremony begins, about 15-20 minutes. During the procession, when family and friends get their first look at the bride, the magic happens. The Wedding March” or ''Here Comes The Bride" are often played at this point, but nowadays, it is sometimes being replaced by more contemporary music. It is important to remember: This might be the most memorable and emotional moment of the whole ceremony.

As the ceremony progresses, the couple might consider to pick music to be played at specific times. Weather it is during vows exchange, the lighting of the unity candle or at the sand ceremony the music should reflect at the couple's love for each other and enhance these very precious moments. When deciding to choose ceremony musicians, couples should always want to seek the advice of the leader of the ensemble. With their experience the musicians should be already prepared with all the different types of requests mentioned above, thus making sure that the music will help create a memory that lasts forever.

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