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Planning a Corporate Event, Party and Wedding in New York state? Two Very Important Tips to Consider

Hiring LIVE Musicians is a great way to make the event memorable for you and your guests.

If you are the organizer of the event you need to select and book the best ensemble (String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo or any ensemble with violin, viola, piano, cello, flute, harp or saxophone) that fits perfectly to the location, venue, style and the mood you are trying to set. The LIVE music will immediately elevate the event, making it classy and thus allowing the guests to interfere and network better, something that can not be achieved with a pre-recorded playlist.

How to book the best LIVE musicians and string ensembles?

Here are a few valid point to consider in the process of searching and hiring LIVE musicians:

Hiring a LIVE ensemble is an important task because selecting the right group will turn any party to a great memorable event for you and your guests. Everybody has been on parties when there is nothing special happening and can compare that experience to a LIVE concerts and shows where all people are enjoying theirselves and even dancing and signing along. Wouldn't it be you goal to achieve the same level of enjoyment the your corporate or private A LIVE ensemble can give you these great results and memorable moments. If you have never hired musicians before you might need to consider few things and do some additional planning because it is always best to be informed when making decisions. There needs to be a good communication between you and the leader of the musicians, making sure all musical matters for the event are discussed beforehand and all questions and concerns have been answered. The leader of the musicians may have questions and matters himself so it is a two-way street. At the end both parties should be involved in making the event a great and memorable success.

Keep in mind that professional musicians have invested thousands of hours of practice to develop their talent and abilities and also a lot of money for purchasing and maintaining any instruments and equipment they have. The highest level musicians have a degrees in music - Bachelors, Masters, Doctors of Musical Arts, Artist Diplomas and have spent more time in preparing for their carrier than many doctors or lawyers because musicians start their studies usually at a very early age (5-8). Many are also music teacher and private tutors and earn between $50 and $100 per hour. Often they give a big part of their income to maintain their instruments and equipment and because they are independent contractors are responsible for their own insurance, taxes, retirement plans, etc. And let’s not forget about transportation expenses, fuel and tolls for those long distance performances.

All of the above reasons factor in calculating the price for hiring the best and most experience musicians. However, you get what you pay for and when your guests continue to talk about the music on your special event long after it has finished you understand that you have made the right choice in hiring the very best.

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