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Wedding Ceremony Music NYC: Easy Steps to Plan Your Ceremony and to Choose The Right Songs for your

Most people would say that their wedding day was one of the happiest days in their lifes. As the big day approaches, the stress starts to build up. Sometimes the choice of music tends to be neglected or forgotten about, but music usually is the first element of the ceremony that the guests notice and music takes part in most, if not all of the memorable moments of the celebration. The choice of wedding music depends a lot of the type/style of wedding that you are planning to have. Weather you are going for a traditional wedding, a religious celebration( jewish, indian etc.) or a more contemporary one, the music will always set the tone for the entire wedding. Keep in mind any religious setti

5 Steps in the Process of Booking and Hiring Wedding Ceremony Musicians in New York City NYC

There are several things that you have to look for before you hire your musicians for ceremony, cocktail hour, first dance and reception. Here are the most important : PROFESSIONALISM, EXPIRIENCE, SKILLS AND COMUNICAION in weddings and events. Check their websites, video and audio samples, pictures from events and you will easily figure it out if they match the above characteristics. Being in tune with the Musicians during the whole process of hiring is also very important. Ask them questions and request advices. Make sure you and the musicians clarify - event date, time, address, start and end time of the performances, need of sound system ( outdoors wedding ceremony and cocktail hour), ove

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